Past Events

Miranda Heldt, Wendy Kirkland, Pat Sprakes, 17 August 2021

Georgia Mancio, Dave Ohm, Joe Caleb, 2nd October 2021

The Bluebird Belles, 17 December 2021


Frank Griffith, with Wendy Kirkland, Les Cirkel, Pat Sprakes, 29 January 2022

Sara Dowling, Ross Stanley, Dario Di Lecce and Steve Brown, 18 March 2022

Georgia Mancio with Dave Ohm, Kate Williams, Julie Walkington, 6 May 2022

Miranda Heldt, with Wendy Kirkland, Pat Sprakes, Jon Richmond, 3 September 2022

Andrew McCormack with Joe Downard (bass), Rod Youngs (drums), 29 October 2022

The Bluebird Belles Christmas Spectacular, 17 December 2022

“Really and truly one of our favourite audiences ever” – said The Bluebird Belles!


The Blue Town Trio, 28 January 2023

Jim Mullen (jazz guitar), Zoe Francis (vocals), Ross Stanley (Hammond organ)

What our past audiences have said:

Georgia Mancio:

THANK YOU for a superb evening on Saturday.  The trio was fabulous and the organisation was brilliant.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Congratulations on pulling off such a high-quality event.

Hi all at Burrough Jazz, we were delighted to be part of the crowd at Burrough Jazz last Saturday and just wanted to say thank you for a great evening.  We dined at the Stag & Hounds – thank you for the tip – and had a wonderful evening of great music, good ambience and red wine! What’s not to like?  We are telling our friends, and hoping to get tickets for the January event and look forward to enjoying more great music.  Thank you – and keep going!! 

We had a brilliant night…Everyone stayed over at mine and we’ve been raving about the gig over breakfast.  Well done”. 

Miranda Heldt:

Thank you for organising such an entertaining evening last night, lovely to see smiling faces at the door to welcome us, and at the bar. Sorry we cleared you out of G&Ts, but presumably that was the point! The audio and lighting were perfect for this kind of event and the Church is an ideal venue.

Eloquent, “Mesmerising”, “Slick and professional”, “Enjoyed every moment”, “Drew me to tears”.

The Bluebird Belles:

It was a fantastic evening ….the Bluebird Belles were amazing. We all had an enjoyable evening. Will keep a look out for future events.

Frank Griffith:

It was our first visit and we didn’t really know what to expect not having had much to do with jazz before.  We came along because it was something different only a few minutes from where we live.  We really enjoyed the evening, we felt very welcome and the atmosphere in the village hall was nice.  It was lovely to have a bar.  The sound was good, not overwhelming in a relatively small space.  It was very nice to have something high quality so close to home.

Nice to see Wendy Kirkland again. She really is talented.

Sara Dowling:

Please keep up the good work – it’s thrilling to have high-quality jazz on our doorstep. It was a jazz experience that we wouldn’t otherwise have had if it wasn’t for your hard work, so thank you. 

Andrew McCormack:

I just wanted you to thank you for a wonderful evening’s entertainment yesterday, so splendidly and melodiously provided by the Andrew McCormack Trio, it was indeed a truly fabulous evening much enjoyed by my partner and I, in such a lovely intimate venue…

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