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Bringing the best of jazz to our boroughs

Experience jazz in the country

We’re bringing a hand-picked selection of artists from around the UK to deliver intimate, live jazz performances in Burrough-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire.

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Coming up…

Friday 18th March

Sara Dowling Quartet

Sara Dowling with supreme company and jaw-dropping, mesmerising musicality. Not one to miss; an irresistible Red Bull for all music-lovers.

Saturday 3rd September

Miranda Heldt

Miranda returns after a sellout show. This time in Twyford..

My Story

Every evening after I’d performed in London, I’d get in a taxi and rush round to catch the last set at Ronnie’s, or the Pizza on the Park, the Pheasantry, Crazy Coqs – anywhere to hear the exquisite  sounds of Blossom Dearie, Dave Frishberg, Marion Montgomery, Joe Pass, Cleo Lane, Steve Ross, and so many others…that dissonant chord, that pure, high note, the precise timing of a phrase or word, the expectant silence, the tears, the laughter – there’s nothing like a great jazz artist performing in a moody, broody venue, entrancing the enwrapped audience.  The lamp-lit intimacy, shoulders rubbing shoulders, the buzz of anticipation, a large glass of red wine and,

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re pleased to introduce…”

Burrough Jazz brings that magic to this wonderful part of Leicestershire. 


Gillian Geddes

Founder – Burrough Jazz

Burrough jazz

Bringing live jazz events to rural Leicestershire

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St Mary’s Church, Burrough on the Hill, LE14 2JQ

Twyford Village Hall, Main Street, Twyford


Greg – 07921 932348

Jazz is about being in the moment

Herbie Hancock